Offshore Engineering Services

Provide communications solutions focusing on the offshore Oil & Gas sector with Engineer Manpower
service experiences and complete offshore certificates.


Our Services

SCPC VSAT : The VSAT SCPC (Singe Channel Per Carrier) service provides a dedicated single signal at a given frequency and bandwidth. The dedicated channel offers speeds ranging from 64 kbps to 10 Mbps, or more if required. We can provide both fixed and auto-tracking antenna.


SCADA VSAT : The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is a control system architecture that uses computer networked data communications. SCADA VSAT Service that we provide is suitable for low traffic speed such as those between 32 kbps and 64 kbps for Oil & Gas customers and certain sensors that provide updated data periodically.


NAVA Services : We cooperate with our partner, Thaicom, in order to provide this services. Nava is a KU band service with auto-tracking capability for new maritime broadband service platform for ships/cruises and offshore operators.

Wireless Point-to-Point (PTP) Solution : We provide unlicensed band Solution for Offshore and over-water communications featuring Distributed Control System (DCS) & Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with high speed backhaul solutions and asymmetric non-contiguous channel aggregation (ANCCA) across 5 GHz band.


Outsourcing services : We are a specialist in Offshore communications services with professional, certified support engineers who can provide highly secure operations especially in both onshore and offshore. Some of the services we have provided for both on-and off-shore are ad-hoc installation services for fiber optic cables, LAN, CM, PM, commissioning, marine satellite TV, and many more projects as required by our customers.


Our Licenses: We are a joint-venture with CAT Telecom Plc. and a holder of Telecom License Type 2 (VSAT Services Operator) from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission - NBTC

Certified Professionals: Our professional services are provided by a team of specialists who have obtained certain certificates even beyond the industry standards. Some of the certificates required by offshore work include TBOSIET (or TFOET), Work at Height, and Confined space.


Call Center Support : we have established a team of advisers and technicians to handle first line inquiries through our Customer Center that works 24/7/365. All inquiries are monitored and controlled to ensure your needs are met. Help Desk services are extended to customers under contract to provide 24-hour supports nationally as required.

Our market : We legally operate and provide services under Telecom License Type 2, and we are the market leader
in VSAT solutions for corporate segment in the Gulf of Thailand providing Services to Oil & Gas customers in
Satellite communications and Outsourcing services.