Network Solutions

In our Networking Solutions and Services we design, build and optimize LAN and WAN networks, whether they are wired or wireless, to ensure your network infrastructure reliably supports the needs of your business today with the agility and flexibility you will need in future.
Our services for network solutions include consultancy from our professional engineers, design and build the network for you. We also provide support on all the equipment technologies on the network solution we build for you.

3G/4G ATM Connectivity

To ensure stability of service we provide 3G/4G LTE solutions for network backup and connectivity anywhere in Thailand
Our services cover many industries including Banking ATM machines, Retail kiosks, Insurance, Store outlet and more.
Our 3G/4G/LTE can serve as a quick and easy solution to provision connectivity to your new sites while waiting for primary links to be installed and provisioned. In some areas, enterprises may have to wait months to get wired circuits brought into a location.
Our service & support are backed by our professional call center service 24/7