Global Services

Infonet (Thailand) Limited partnering with British Telecom through BT Siam Limited, brings some of the best global solutions available out there in the market to provide to our customers in Thailand. With the strength of after-sales services and supports combined with the top global products/services, our Global Services portfolio becomes one of the best end-to-end services available locally. The following are the current solutions we have brought to enable you and your organization to improve efficiency, reduce cost of telecommunication, enhance security and utilize the best and newest technologies available today:

Global Services include:

  1.  IP Connect Global (IPCG)
    Global IP VPN service offers you a dependable, versatile, secure and fast platform to improve company-wide processes and ensures you can gain maximum value from your enterprise applications. And that, in turn, leads to increased responsiveness.
  2.  Software-Defined WAN (SDWAN)
    SD-WAN simplifies complicated network infrastructures so they’re easier to manage. It sits aside traditional networking technologies, giving you complete visibility of all your applications and traffic.
    It recognizes and prioritizes your most critical business applications. It anticipates and reacts to events before they happen, ensuring your network always performs at its best. And because it’s managed in the Cloud, any updates or new applications can be configured quickly, then applied automatically across your entire network.
  3.  BT Conferencing (MeetMe with Dolby) is a leading global solution for conferencing services, with over twenty years' unrivalled experience. Our conferencing solutions enable you to bring colleagues and partners together for meetings at a moment's notice, cutting out the need for expensive and time-consuming business travel. It is specifically designed for conferences and meetings with up to 20 Participants. These services are booked in advance and deliver you a host of benefits.
  4.  SWIFT Network connection offers secure connectivity to SWIFT and SWIFT services for global financial organization.
  5.  CrowdStrike – Cloud-native endpoint security platform combines Next-Gen Av, EDR, Threat Intelligence, Threat Hunting, and much more with its being
    • Cloud-native = no infrastructure needed
    • AI powered = always learning new threats and patterns
    • Single agent = very light on endpoint resource, e.g. less memory, less processing power and very fast actions