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BT Conferencing has everything for your remote meeting needs. Whether you're a small business seeking an individual account or a listed company looking for managed services, BT Conferencing has something for you. You can download pdf file by clicking here Overview_BT_Conferencing

BT Conferencing offers the services and products to meet all your conferencing needs.

Audio services

Audio - reservationless

BT MeetMe Global Access  
Reservationless audio services that enables you to meet quickly with groups of up to 40 people from around the globe.

Audio - booked

BT Premium     
Scheduled services intended for when you need to make critical announcements or present to a large audience.


Web services

Live Meeting 2007     
Add a visual component to your audio conference by sharing papers, presentations and documents.


Video services

Video Conferencing

The next best thing to meeting in-person. Transform the way you interact with colleagues, suppliers and customers, getting all the values of a face-to-face meeting without the hassle of travel.

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BT MeetMe Global Access

 Your own personal meeting room


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Need to bring your project team together for weekly status meetings?

BT MeetMe reservationless audio conferencing allows groups to meet quickly and easily by dialing into a set phone number and using set passcodes. Think of BT MeetMe as your own virtual meeting room, available whenever you want. There's no set-up required, no need to book in advance, and all you need to join a call is a telephone.

And help is available 24x7x365.

Key features and benefits

  • Set up your meetings rapidly.
    With convenient access from any telephone, BT MeetMe immediately connects you with your participants in a virtual meeting room that is available 7x24x365.
  • Control the contribution of your participants.
    You have complete control over each participant's involvement including their ability to speak and or hear your audio meetings.
  • Exceptional security for your sensitive meetings.
    BT MeetMe includes a number of features that allow you to confidently know who is in your meeting
  • Personalise your meetings.
    You can customise a number of BT MeetMe features to reflect your preferred meeting style.
  • Guard your account from unauthorised usage.
    A number of BT MeetMe features help you manage unauthorized usage of your account.
  • Free help is always available by dialling *0
  • BT MeetMe Recording
    Instantly record your BT MeetMe call by pressing
    * 8 on your telephone keypad and follow the voice prompts to start or stop recording your meeting. Once you have stopped the recording or when the meeting ends you can then download the recording*.

    * Each recording is charged at a fixed price, subject to your terms and conditions.


BT Premium

Big events don't have to be big headaches

Want company-wide feedback after you present your financial review? Have an important announcement for investors?

BT Premium is our best-in-class scheduled audio conferencing solution that offers our full range of services. Use BT Premium when you have high-profile meetings or critical announcements to make.

BT Premium features highly-trained coordinators who will assist with scheduling, greeting, and connecting participants. Once the meeting is underway, the coordinators will handle all technical and administrative aspects of the call-leaving you free to concentrate on your conference.

Key features

  • Event Manager at no extra cost to help you plan and manage your conference
  • A unique passcode for each conference increases security
  • Simply press *0 for assistance while in a conference
  • Schedule by phone

Additional features

  • Enhance your conference by sharing documents with BT Web Conferencing
  • Question and answer sessions managed by the BT Premium Coordinator
  • Voting on questions via the phone keypad
  • Record your event to replay the service, receive a CD via mail, or receive the file directly via email in .wav or mp3 format
  • Transcription to produce text version of the conference call
  • BT Premium Coordinator monitors the conference to address sound quality issues immediately



Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007


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Office Live Meeting is a flexible web conferencing service that can help you eliminate the hassle and costs associated with travelling to face-to-face meetings.

Combine the power of BT Audio Conferencing and Office Live Meeting within your own virtual meeting room, giving you the ability to share your desktop with your participants, share presentations and discuss, edit and view any type of document at the same time.

Use Office Live Meeting to

  • Meet with your colleagues, customers and suppliers from wherever they are located to collaborate together. You can share, edit and present any form of document from your PC.
  • Reduce travel costs and your organizations carbon footprint by using Office Live Meeting to replace face-face meetings.
  • Launch new products to customers and suppliers more quickly, and record meetings for those who were not able to attend.
  • Company announcements are often urgent and involve senior management. Use web conferencing to ensure all staffs receive the information quickly, simply and directly from the senior management involved.

Key features

  • Easy to use - all you need is a phone or mobile and a PC with an internet connection.
  • Integrated audio and video conferencing offers the ability for Live Meeting to dial-out to meeting participants to invite them to the meeting, no need to dial into a conference or remember passcodes.
  • Added option to integrate webcams to meetings to enhance the meeting experience, bringing presenters face to face with the participants.
  • Share, view and discuss documents and presentations and other computer applications in real-time.
  • Flexible and scalable enough for one department or the whole company for meetings with 2 to 1,250 people.
  • Option to schedule and launch conferences from Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes or directly from the Live Meeting console.
  • Receive instant feedback with real-time voting and run live Q&A sessions to capture feedback and updates.
  • The Handouts function allows for files to be distributed during meetings, making it easy to provide materials with no need to email them after the meeting.
  • Create more productive and cost efficient training programs, using virtual breakout rooms to split the main Live Meeting session into groups for one-on-one or team activities. *

    Trainers/presenters can easily move between rooms and participate / supervise all activities.



Video services

Transform the way you interact with colleagues, suppliers and customers, getting all the value of a face-to-face meeting without having to get together.

What is Video conferencing?

BT Video Conferencing can change the way you conduct business, saving your time and costs associated with travelling.

Our services are reliable and easy to use, leaving you free to concentrate on the business of the meeting.

Video conferencing uses hardware attached to the ISDN or an IP (Internet Protocol) network to transmit and receive the video, audio and data sources to and from the appropriate locations.

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